Goodbye Boredom

Occasionally, we all find ourselves bored – especially during the long summer break between school years. So completely, mind-numbingly bored that not even reaching for the phone to play a game or take a selfie or scroll through all those things that need scrolling will relieve the overpowering ennui that your life has become, and will no doubt remain for the hours-long minutes that make up the rest of the sweet life ahead of you. Obviously, that’s a situation that must be avoided at all costs. Boredom will always be a risk. It could creep up on you, corner you, stalk you, and when it comes, you must be ready with your defense.
I’m here to help, my friend. Have fun with these summer boredom-kicking strategies:
1. Enjoy the Boredom
I know, it seems counterintuitive, but there’s something about being done with classes and assignments and not having anything to do that’s strangely pleasant. Just sit and think a hundred thoughts about a hundred different things. Let your mind wander and feel at peace.
2. Make Up a Story
There’s no better way to escape the world you know than to create a world you don’t.
3. Do Something Differently
Sometimes you’re just bored of doing the same thing over and over again, but things still need to be done. Why not change location or company? Even the smallest difference can be enough to wake you from a persistent funk.
4. Try Something New
If doing something differently didn’t work, then more drastic measures must be taken. Try something entirely new! Here are some ideas you can try! Or if you’re looking for a new hobby to try out, check out some of these!
5. Do a Good Deed
Eliminate boredom and improve your mood at the same time by doing something nice for someone else! It’s a lot of fun to think up the best way to bless someone and even more fun to carry it out, bringing smiles to others’ faces. Do it anonymously to add the sweetness of secrecy to the mix! It doesn’t even have to cost you money – leaving an encouraging note on someone’s windshield is a simple, fun act of kindness that’s easy to do!
6. Create
Boredom sucks creativity into a void; the best offense is to bring some back. Create something new, whether it’s a third-grade art project or a feature film starring your pet! Boredom doesn’t stand a chance against the power of projects!
7. Explore
How can you be bored in an exciting new environment? Maybe try out that new coffee shop or pretend you’re a tourist visiting your city for the first time: there are plenty of places to check out – you might even find a new favorite hangout! If you’re in the Philly or Phoenixville area, there are plenty of fun sites to explore!
8. Chores
Not exactly fun…but they have to get done sometime, and if you have nothing else to do, you might as well! It’s actually the perfect time, because only when you’re bored are you willing to do anything (but, of course, it is last on the list for a reason)
These are just a few ideas to fight off that age-old enemy, boredom. Half the battle is won by style, though – come up with your own tactics and strategies to fight the fight and win the war.
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